WQXR 50th Anniversary Show [Album # 02]

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This show is dedicated to the memory of WQXR host Jacques Fray. Host Bob Sherman plays excerpts from Fray's show, including his first demo tape from August 21, 1947. Sherman also plays an April Fool's Day program from 1949, hosted by Alec Templeton. Templeton plays and sings a send-up about Fray to the tune of "Frère Jacques".

Other highlights from this episode:

1. A rare performance from Funny Face by Jacques Fray and Mario Braggiotti.
2. A clip from "Historic Memories of George Gershwin", a special from May 1960 hosted by Fray.
3. A January 22, 1963 live performance and remembrances by Mario Braggiotti. Fray had died two days earlier.

Fray was on the air at WQXR for 15 years.

WNYC archives id: 66269