WQXR 50th Anniversary Show [Album # 24]

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Abram Chasins WQXR publicity photo

Host Bob Sherman provides a somewhat revisionist view of musical history through the ages using the WQXR theme. Beginning with the cave men, to Gregorian chant, to harmony through plain chant, polyphony, syncopation, renaissance influence, Elizabethan madrigals, romanticism, art song, opera, operetta, modernism, unexpected syncopations, piano blues and ragtime, with some help from Arnold Black and William Bolcom and some well-known performers.

There's also some blowing of and off steam in a marvelous way with “Europe Unter Ster,“ an April Fool’s special, followed by another April treat provided by former Music Director Abram Chasins and Peter Ustinov.

WNYC archives id: 66305