Zorn on Zorn: 24-Hour Marathon Celebration

Friday, September 05, 2014

Q2 Music's Zorn on Zorn Celebration Q2 Music's Zorn on Zorn Celebration (John Zorn: Scott Irvine/Courtesy of the Artist)

Friday, Sept. 5, Q2 Music celebrates the 61st birthday year of composer-performer John Zorn with 24-hour marathon of joyful, awe-inspiring and radically dissimilar music, hosted by the composer himself.

This program originally aired Tuesday, September 24, 2013 to celebrate John Zorn's 60th birthday. Read about this year's 5-night celebratory run happening this week at the Village Vanguard with 12 incarnations of his acclaimed Masada band.

To honor this anniversary, we put together a playlist which rejoices at every turn in the profound artistic integrity and open-mindedness of his music. We are thrilled that he accepted our invitation to host, and excited for listeners who will hear him all day long offering insights into his music.

Though we're focusing on concert music, from string quartets (NecronomiconMemento Mori) to a cappella choral (Song of SongsFrammenti del Sappho) to chamber music (The Mysteries; Gnostic Preludes) and concertos (A Rebors; Aporias) – including an unreleased cadenza to György Ligeti's Violin Concerto – listeners will also hear from his soundtracks (Last Supper; Invitation to a Suicide), electronic music (Clavicle of Solomon), and his influences including Stravinsky, Xenakis, Cage, Feldman, Berg, Varèse, Ives and many others.

By his 60th birthday, Zorn has become a touchstone of creativity and the collaborative spirit for the New York new-music scene. His record label, Tzadik, has released hundreds of albums from emerging composers, and his club, The Stone, has been a definitive home for experimental music for almost 10 years.

Help us celebrate this milestone anniversary and discover John Zorn anew and in his own words by listening in all day on September 24.


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Thanks for your excitement and interest in our 24-hour Zorn on Zorn marathon! It was actually what turned out to be a 9-hour chunk of music repeated, in part, twice. We were extraordinarily excited and appreciative to have John Zorn lend his voice as a host, but had to be realistic with the amount of time we requested.

Unfortunately due to commercial record label restrictions and 9 hours being too unwieldy a quantity of music to archive, we are not able to include this audio online for on-demand streaming.

You can however view the entire playlist for Zorn on Zorn here: http://www.wqxr.org/#!/playlist-daily/2013/sep/...

Thanks again for listening, and hoping you can tune in for Zorn on Zorn: The Reprise!

Oct. 02 2013 05:54 PM
rudeboynyc from NYC

Wow, great webcast! While I started listening to JZs music since the mid 80s and have seen him live numerous times since moving to NYC in the mid 90s, I'm not without reservations, there are some pieces that i don't care very much for.... BUT, this selection (including the non-JZ pieces) was great! So were JZ's comments! Even for the biggest Zorn aficionado, there were new insights...
Unfortunately, I could only listen to a few hours in the afternoon and then when i tuned in again around 9pm, it seems that the program was on repeat???
So, was this a 24h set or a 3h? set repeated 4x? Is there a playlist ore much more important, a podcast??? I would really like to hear the whole program i.e. with John Zorn's comments!!! Happy Birthday month, John! ;-)

Sep. 27 2013 06:56 PM
Ursula Britton from Ventura, CA

Happy Birthday John, and congratulations! Love the music. I met you briefly a couple of times years ago--I was Doug Weston's good friend/confidante/right hand. You look so much like him it's uncanny. He would be so impressed with what you've accomplished. Have you ever played at the Ojai Music Festival in Calif.? It's renowned for the best in the avant-garde and new music.

Sep. 24 2013 03:04 PM
Xtian from Glen Cove, NY

Who knew Zorn's birthday could be so fun? I'm enjoying the music treat...

Sep. 24 2013 02:10 PM
Jeffrey Potter from Madison, WI

Happy Birthday Mr. Zorn! We love to hear your music in any and all genres!

Sep. 24 2013 12:05 PM
Kinetical Risk from Bowling Green

@good grief – what about that week of Bach?

This Zorn marathon isn't being broadcast on FM waves, so if you don't want to hear it, it is easy to avoid, no?
WKCR's Coltrane birthday marathon yesterday was most welcome, too.

Sep. 24 2013 10:15 AM
stuart boyer from detroit MI

Thanks so much for honoring this musical pioneer during the month of his birthday. Here is to many more years of greatness ! please feel free to have more of these types of marathons in the future as opposed to the last comment

Sep. 24 2013 10:07 AM
good grief

Can WQXR please stop pretending they're anything like WKCR? Next thing you know, WQXR will be doing 48 hours of Wagner and Verdi for their bicentennials.

Sep. 23 2013 09:27 AM

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