• The Lions of Tel Aviv Come to New York

    Last night, Israel-based Meiter Ensemble made its U.S. performance debut at the 2013 MATA Festival. For our second installment of Better Know An Ensemble, we joined the group—now in... Apr 16, 2013

    The Lions of Tel Aviv Come to New York
  • Better Know Ensemble musikFabrik

    Based in the state of Nordrhein Westfallen and the resident ensemble of West German Radio, Ensemble musikFabrik's Operations Director Steffi Schlupeck takes a moment here to discuss t... Apr 27, 2012

    Better Know Ensemble musikFabrik
  • Better Know Zwerm

    Q2 Music's Better Know an Ensemble introduces new-music in new places, by bringing you multimedia-rich portraits of ensembles from across the globe. In this installment we're plug... Mar 16, 2012

    Better Know Zwerm
  • Better Know Ensemble Amorpha

    The London based chamber music twelvesome, Ensemble Amorpha, isn't your average English hat and cane. Besides their commitment to an international array of living composers, they also... Jan 19, 2012

    Better Know Ensemble Amorpha