Leave a Legacy for WQXR

"WQXR is simply a part of my everyday life.  It's what I turn on first thing every morning.  It carries me through my workday. No matter how stressful a day, it keeps me going.  It is a constant source of enjoyment all day, every day.  Because I want the next generation to enjoy what I have, I became a member of New York Public Radio’s Listeners Legacy Circle."

 --PaulaMarie Susi, Listeners Legacy Circle Member


"WNYC clarifies and keeps me up to date with the latest developments in all fields...and WQXR is a constant companion to my mom who is 93. I often find her humming something she has just heard. A cornucopia of informative and entertaining programs, that's why I have included WNYC and WQXR in my estate plans!"

Madeleine Richard, Listeners Legacy Circle Member


"When we learned the future of WQXR was in doubt my partner of 35 years, Lester Bowman, and I panicked. We were immensely relieved when WQXR became part of the New York Public Radio family, along with WNYC. We knew then that classical music in New York was safe. The station was a godsend of calm and comfort for us when Lester became terminally ill. He passed away in December 2009. In remembrance of Lester, WQXR is in my estate plan so others may benefit from its broadcasting as we have."

Bill Reader, Listeners Legacy Circle Member

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