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The Curse of the Ninth Haunted These Composers

As the Halloween season approaches, let's take a look at classical music's strangest superstition — the curse of the ninth symphonies.

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Watch the 'Lord' of Classical Piano Mash-ups and Video Game Renditions

You have to watch the ambidextrous piano skills of Lord Vinheteiro as he mashes up the classical greats and chases that fun with a some real-time Mario Bros. musical accompaniment. 

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WQXR Features

Poll: Cast Your Vote For Mozart or Salieri

In this turbulent election season, WQXR is your respite from the non-stop political coverage. Cast your vote for classical music by supporting WQXR.

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Celebrate Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize With A Rare Classical Rendition

Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature on Thursday. Hear The Knights and Gabe Kahane perform a classical arrangement of one his songs in Central Park.

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Q2 Music Album of the Week

Florent Ghys and Bonjour Rock Out with High-Energy Debut

For "Bonjour," composer and contrabassist Florent Ghys bids adieu to his signature use of sampled speech and DIY solo overdubs, in favor of the sound of a rock band. Listen all week.