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Airs Wednesdays at 10 pm (through Aug. 12).

Michael Feinstein’s American Pops is a new one-hour show that explores a chapter of 20th century music that is popular for seasonal concerts, but usually ignored by the classical media. Some of the featured composers are very well known – George Gershwin, Leroy Anderson, Richard Rodgers – but others may be new even to die-hard fans. Feinstein is a dedicated collector who has unearthed works that have not been heard in decades by Jacques Press, David Raksin and Morton Gould. A natural raconteur, Feinstein shares the lore behind the music, opening a door to some of the most colorful characters in America’s cultural history.

July 9: Lost and Found in America
Rarities from the American Pops catalogue, including Jacques Press’s “Disconcerto” and Paul Whiteman’s performance of “Cuban Overture” by George Gershwin.

July 16: American Moderns
The sounds of modernism refracted through popular music in the works of Jerome Moross, Leroy Anderson, Oscar Levant and more.

July 23: Pops Goes Dancing
Ballet music and more as the pops orchestra dances along with music by Previn, Gershwin, Raksin and others.

July 30: The Jazz Beat
How the rhythms and melodies of jazz infused every part of American music, even in the concert hall, with examples from Duke Ellington and an exceedingly rare “Swing Sinfonietta” by Morton Gould.

Aug. 6: Pops at the Picture Show
Demonstrating the ways the pops sound developed in Hollywood thanks to composers like Bernard Hermann, Johnny Green and Erich Korngold.

Aug. 13: Pops Concert Icons
Some of the greatest hits and greatest composers of the pops repertoire, including Henry Mancini, Morton Gould and Leroy Anderson.

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The Jazz Beat

Tonight at 10 pm, Michael Feinstein explores how the uniquely American art form of jazz inspired composers since the 1920s.

Pops Goes Dancing

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Much of the music we know as “pops” started its life as accompaniment to dance scenes on stage and screen. On this episode, host Michael Feinstein considers how composers such as Richard Rodgers, Andre Previn and Bernard Hermann scored movie musicals and ballets with elements of jazz, classical and more.


American Moderns

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Michael Feinstein reflects on how 20th century modernism influenced composers such as George Gershwin, Leroy Anderson, Oscar Levant and others.

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Lost & Found in America

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Wednesday at 10 pm, Michael Feinstein shares his favorite discoveries from this era. In advance grab a free download of "Swanee River a la Debussy."

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