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WTC Workers Consider 9/11 Settlement

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Thousands of police officers, firefighters and ground zero cleanup workers have until the end of today to join a legal settlement in a deal that could pay them as much as $815 million. More than 10,000 people sued the city and a long list of companies that handled the cleanup of lower Manhattan after the 9/11 attacks.

Kenny Specht is a retired fire lieutenant and founder of The New York City Firefighter Brotherhood Foundation. He said he hopes others who are ailing don't hold out for a better compensation package.

"I certainly believe that this offer, this settlement offer, is not all that it should have been, and I don't feel that it's all that it could have been," he said. "However, I do feel that it's all that we're going to see."

Sprecht also said the waiting game has been a challenge. "With my claims of illness, cancer and gastrointestinal issues, I probably wasn't going to see a courtroom for at least ten years," he said.

He's encouraging others not to hold out for a better compensation package. At least 95 percent of plaintiffs must opt to participate in order for the settlement to become effective