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NYC Chancellor Joel Klein Steps Down; Cathie Black Named as Replacement

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The head of New York City's school system, Chancellor Joel Klein, has resigned from his position. Cathie Black, the Chairman of Hearst Magazines will replace him.

Klein was appointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2002 to oversee the country's largest school system. Klein's support of mayoral control of schools was seen as controversial and in recent years came under fire for declining test scores.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Klein praised Bloomberg's dedication to reforming education in New York City and said that 60 percent more kids in the city are going to college now than when he started in 2002. "What we achieved is truly a tribute to your leadership your steadfastness, particularly in times of challenging controversy and indeed your willingness to make education the number one issue in this city," Klein said.

Speaking as the newly appointed chancellor, Black said she supports Bloomberg's goals of pursuing partnerships with the businesses, non-profits and universities. She praised New York's teachers and said students need to become more tech-savvy. She also pledged to add an additional 100 charter schools to the city.

During Klein's tenure, New York was one of 10 states to receive $700 million federal Race to the Top funds. That came after heated debates and wrangling with state and city teacher's unions over lifting the cap on charter schools and tying teacher evaluations to test scores.

Klein held the Chancellor's position longer than anyone in New York's history. He also served in the Justice Department from 1997-2001 where he oversaw a team of 700 lawyers.