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Foley Concedes CT Governor's Race to Malloy

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Republican Tom Foley has announced he's conceding to Democrat Dan Malloy in the race to be Connecticut's next governor. Foley made the decision despite the possibility that there were irregularities in the vote, which Malloy won by a razor-thin margin.

Reporter Craig Lemoult, of public radio station WSHU, was at Foley's news conference in Hartford on Monday. He talked to WNYC's Brian Zumhagen.

Craig, first of all remind us of the numbers. What's the size of Malloy's victory over Foley?

It came down to just over 5,500 votes. It was an incredibly close election with one million votes cast.  

After fighting so hard to contest these results, why did Folley finally decided to concede?

He said the citizens deserve certainty, so he had a team of people looking into the results town-by-town, and he said he found out those results just this morning, and he found no evidence at all of fraud. There were significant voting problems, mostly in Bridgeport, Connecticut. They had to use some photocopied ballots there because the number of votes there would not be enough to change the outcome of the election, so he said he wasn't willing to pursue a legal challenge to exclude those ballots, and he decided to concede.  

What about Dan Malloy? When are we going to hear from him, and when is he expected to begin shaping his administration?

I have not yet heard from him today about an announcement in response to Foley's announcement. Foley said he was going to call Malloy after the press conference. Malloy has already announced a transition team. In fact, initially both candidates had announced transition teams. And Malloy has a pretty tough job ahead of him. He's got to deal with the state's massive budget deficit, and that's going to require a lot of state spending cuts, which might make him an unpopular guy with the Democratic legislature.