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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

We are in the process of designing an application for mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, Droids, etc.) that will allow you to access WQXR and Q2 while on the go. We would like to get your input. What features would you most like to see on a WQXR app?

Please leave any additional comments and suggestions below.


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Babak from Tehran

Hi!I cant download the app directly with my iphone.
could u please give me a link to download it on my computer and then transfer it with iTunes on my cell?

Jan. 14 2012 04:02 PM
Babak from Iran

I cant download tha app directly with my ihone.
could u plz give me a link to download it on my pc and then transfer it with iTune on my cell?

Jan. 14 2012 02:00 PM
Chad from Brooklyn

What the latest word on the app?

May. 02 2011 03:12 PM
raymond from WPB

Any word on when the app will be available?

Feb. 04 2011 04:42 PM
Barbara Smith from monmouth county nj

We are just on the border of your broadcast in Monmouth Couthy NJ. Sometimes we get the station lound and clear and sometimes not at all. An ap would allow us to listen through our "iHome". Thank you.

Dec. 19 2010 08:09 AM

Great question! I emailed listener services and they told me it had an anticipated "late fall 2010 release date". I can't wait. I'd like it to have both stations in separate tabs with integrated playlists.

My wish list would be that you would make more programming available "on-demand" like music streaming services so that those of us who work almost every available hour in the day can start a program fresh as our schedule permits.

I'd like to see WQXR come out with an app that challenges its competitors in features and functionality. Out of all available options, WQXR and Q2 has become my default music choice because of the intelligence, variety, and spirit of the programming and on-air personalities. You have an opportunity to become many listeners' premiere choice as a purveyor of all things good in taste. I think this will positively build your brand identity and increase your listenership and also monetary contributors.

Thanks for asking.

Dec. 11 2010 08:56 AM
Jake Freivald from West Orange, New Jersey

Love the idea, would like it on Blackberry, too. :)

Dec. 10 2010 11:15 AM
Laura from Fairfield

Never mind the mobile app, I want to hear WQXR on the radio again. Too many of us have been deprived since the regime change that downgraded the signal.

Dec. 09 2010 10:39 PM
Gregg from Astoria Queens

I voted for everything except for the social media stuff. Its becoming the biggest thing since the dot COM bubble burst, and right now we need to remind the other users of the Internet, that it's not important at all.

Besides I have already installed on my iPod Touch an app for listening the NPR and its pointed towards two stations WQXR of course, and one down south.

Dec. 09 2010 01:46 PM

Yes , the app should also be for Blackberry! Believe it or not many of us in the business world assigned to communicating via Blackberry world also have an interst in the arts too!

Dec. 08 2010 12:01 PM

One more HUGE request, please: a BlackBerry app, too!!! All mobile Gaul is divided into three parts -- Apple, Android, RIM -- not just two. Ask Caesar.

I voted streaming and playlist, first and second, but would stack up the whole list this way:

(1) Streaming the mighty Q2 live, 24-7, ad infinitum, amen.
(2) Playlist
(3) Social(media)ism
(4) On-air sked
(5) Music, gnus, features, and bloggery
(6) Show archives.

Holler when it's all ready to download. Keep up the good work.

Dec. 08 2010 11:57 AM

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