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The Piano Lesson

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9-year-old Patrick and 7-year-old Julia are brother and sister and they are both taking piano lessons from Rebbecca Rossi.

"It makes me sort of feel nice inside," says Julia. "Because it's sort of a big thing to play an instrument because before I only did little things-- like not as fun."

Rossi enjoys teaching kids because she likes when they accomplish something that they don't think they can do. "I'll give them a piece and they'll be like 'this is hard, I can't do this, this is horrible,'" says Rossi. "Then I'll come back a week later and they'll be like 'this is great, I learned this whole thing, do you want to see me play it?' That's really rewarding"

"When you start the piece," says Patrick, "it's like super hard but once you practice it, it becomes easier and easier and then you're really good at it."