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Giffords' Astronaut Husband Heading to Space, Says NASA

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The astronaut husband of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will head into space, a decision that came nearly one month after his wife survived a gunshot wound to the head.

Mark Kelly will resume training on Monday for shuttle Endeavour's final mission, which is set for April. In a press release, Kelly said he was looking forward to rejoining his crew and finishing his training.

NASA confirmed Kelly will be aboard Endeavour as commander of the two-week mission, according to the AP.

Giffords is currently in Houston for a lengthy rehabilitation. Doctors describe her recovery so far as "lightning speed," the AP reported. The Congresswoman was shot outside a Tuscon, Ariz., supermarket as she met with constituents on Jan. 8. Six people were killed and another 13 injured.

State and federal prosecutors agree the 22-year-old alleged gunman will be tried first in federal court before any prosecution on state charges begins, the AP reported. Jared Loughner pleaded not guilty to federal charges in the attempted murder of Giffords and the killing of two of her aides.