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Aaron Siegel, LIVE

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By way of a live concert at Brooklyn's ISSUE Project Room, Q2 brings composer and percussionist Aaron Siegel's slowly evolving monolith of sparkling drone, Science is Only a Sometimes Friend to our listeners this Sunday, February 27 at 2 p.m.

Although Aaron Siegel has been a longstanding percussionist for various ensembles led by the radical composer and saxophonist Anthony Braxton, Siegel's composed music dwells more comfortably in the hypnotic and percussive sound worlds associated with minimalism than the outer reaches of the hyper-experimental.

Replete with glockenspiel phasing and psychedelic organ long-tones, Siegel's 45-minute work, Science is Only a Sometimes Friend, was originally meant to be performed in a public space by eight percussionists and the informal passerby. In anticipation of his upcoming record, set to drop this spring, we are streaming a live recording of "Science" from a concert held at ISSUE Project Room on December 15, 2009.

Also included in this week's episode of Cued Up on Q2 is a live performance of There is a Way, the first movement of Siegel's Preparing the Past. Recorded at Roulette, the work was written for four-hand piano, vibraphones, glockenspiels, his own self-titled group, and the ensemble Mantra Percussion.

Below, you can see footage of a public performance of Science is Only a Sometimes Friend, set in Central Park.