Cued Up

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  • Highlighting the New Juilliard Ensemble

    This Sunday at 2 pm, join us as we revisit the New Juilliard Ensemble's dynamic 2010-2011 season. The noted student ensemble takes on a varied array of contemporary concert works.

    Mar 4, 2012

    Highlighting the New Juilliard Ensemble
  • Millennial Mavericks

    This week, Cued Up goes into the 21st Century with a look at contemporary mavericks carrying the torch of the composers featured in next month's American Mavericks Festival.

    Feb 26, 2012

    Millennial Mavericks
  • Acoustic Music That Sounds Like Electronic Music

    Join us Sunday at 2 pm for an episode of Cued Up exploring live performances of acoustic and electroacoustic music that emulate electronic music. Featuring works by Tristan Perich, In... Feb 19, 2012

    Acoustic Music That Sounds Like Electronic Music
  • Welcoming Mary Rowell

    This Sunday, February 5 at 2 pm ET, the co-founder and former violinist of the string quartet ETHEL lends her voice to the internet airwaves to share two hours-worth of her favorite N... Feb 5, 2012

    Welcoming Mary Rowell
  • Philip Glass at 75

    There will be no shortage of Philip Glass news in 2012, as the composer turns 75. This week’s Cued Up features in-concert recordings of Glass’s work taken from the last two years.

    Jan 29, 2012

    Philip Glass at 75
  • The Madness Behind the Scenes

    Composers find their inspiration in pretty much anything—from an architectural shape to subway noise. Join us on Cued Up this Sunday at 2 pm to hear Gavin Bryars, Jacob T.V., Nico Muh... Jan 15, 2012

    The Madness Behind the Scenes
  • The Art of Intimacy

    Chamber music carries a unique charm that's not always as easily experienced while listening to a large-scale orchestral work. The intimate setting of performance creates a close bond... Jan 8, 2012

    The Art of Intimacy
  • Cueing Up 2012

    This year was filled with countless, captivating moments of music-making, nonetheless we're getting excited about the New Year! Join us for the last Cued Up of 2011 as we pay homage t... Dec 25, 2011

    Cueing Up 2012
  • A Cause for Commission!

    For young composers, getting commissioned is a momentous occasion that calls for celebration. This Sunday at 2 pm, we celebrate commissions large and small and the performers that hav... Dec 18, 2011

    A Cause for Commission!