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Voltaire's "Candide" Goes Digital

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On its first publication in 1759, Voltaire's Candide was banned, pirated, and talked about all over Europe. In 2010, the notorious French satire can be rediscovered by clicking on a newly launched New York Public Library digital exhibit.

The exhibit, On the Road with Candide, includes an illustrated journey of the novella by artist Rockwell Kent, various interpretations of the work and a video discussion hosted by outgoing library president, Dr. Paul LeClerc, about his first encounter with Candide and Voltaire's relevance today.

The digital homage to Candide also features a two-minute illustrated synopsis of the novella (below) and a Google Earth map made by Brooklyn's Edward R. Murrow High School students. The map shows the students' modern-day journeys through the lands that Candide and his companions traveled.

To catch more on the French philosopher in person, head to the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building at Fifth Avenue and 42nd street, where "Candide at 250: Scandal and Success" is on view at through April 25.