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Haiti Quake Survivors Rescued after 10 Days

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Fresh moments of hope emerged in Haiti on Friday, as two survivors were pulled from the rubble 10 days after an earthquake ravaged the country.

An 84-year-old woman was rescued was pulled out alive around midday. Doctors say she's suffered multiple wounds and is in critical condition, but that they're doing all they can to save her. 

Later, an Israeli search team pulled a 22-year-man from the rubble. They say he's in stable condition at an Israeli field hospital.

Meanwhile, some relief groups are again criticizing the U.S. Air Force for diverting emergency relief flights from the shattered Port-au-Prince airport.  Medecins Sans Frontieres says eight of its flights loaded with medical supplies have been turned away while priority was given to flights carrying V.I.P.s.

The U.S is dismissing the charges saying the number of flights has swelled dramatically and are weighted equally among government, military and civilian flights.

The U.S. embassy was overwhelmed with people trying to flee the earthquake-ravaged country. The embassy was forced to turn away hundreds of people. Many U.S. citizens were given passes but told to return later because no space is available on flights out of the country.