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Illegal Gun Sting Nets 2 in Brooklyn

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Prosecutors in Brooklyn arrested two men on charges of selling illegal guns on Monday. 

Brooklyn District Attorny Charles Hynes says Watson Joachin and Ryan Woodard are accused of selling or possessing 56 illegal guns mostly bought at gun shows in Florida. The tally includes 28 semiautomatic pistols, six revolvers, and three sawed-off shotguns.

Hynes says the bust is the tip of an illegal guns iceberg.

"There remains a steady stream of these weapons, imported mainly from southern states, which continues to put our police officers and citizens at serious risk of injury or death," Hynes said at a press conference announcing the arrests.

Hynes says that while the city is trying to crack down on illegal gun transactions at out-of-state gun shows, he thinks religious and community leaders need to do more to reduce demand among the city's young people.

In recent days, several bystanders have been wounded or killed by stray bullets from gunfights, including 15-year old Vayda Vasquez, who was shot in the head in the Bronx.

The defendents face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.