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Paterson to Cuomo: Declare Yourself

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Gov. David Paterson says there's "no time like the present" for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to let New Yorkers know whether he plans to run for Paterson's job.

"I don't think anyone should be floating that they're gonna be a candidate and then go into the candidate protection program where you can't ask them any questions or find out even where they are for six weeks," the governor says. "For me it's not commensurate with anyone that thinks they're gonna bring transparency and reform to government in Albany."

Paterson says if Cuomo plans to challenge him in the primary, the attorney general should tell the public about his policy positions.

"Because the public has a right to review your feelings about the budget deficit, how to bring the state back to recovery, what is the right course to take at this particular time, which is what I’m gonna do," Paterson says.

Paterson spoke to reporters outside a labor union event for earthquake relief for Haiti.

Yesterday, Paterson's campaign manager, Richard Fife, said it's "clear" Cuomo is running for governor, and that he should avoid ducking the hard questions.