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Mayor Calls for Relocation of 9/11 Trial

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Mayor Mike Bloomberg and other New York politicians are putting pressure on the Justice Department to relocate the trial for the 9/11 terrorist suspects.

"I can tell you I can prefer if it's done elsewhere," the mayor said on his weekly show on WOR AM 710 this morning. "I think some of the suggestions make sense, like a military base," referring to other locations where the trial could be held.

The New York Times reports that the dispute over a trial location began when Mayor Bloomberg complained of costs and disruption. The mayor threatened to reopen the question of how the suspects should be brought to justice. As a result, the Obama administration is considering moving the proceedings to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four alleged accomplices elsewhere.

Officials did not yet have a plan of where the trial might be held, according to The Associated Press.

Mayor Bloomberg said the White House understood his concerns about holding the trial in New York City, and that he'd spoken to several high-level people in Washington.

"I think they understand and they're trying to do something," Mayor Bloomberg said.