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15 Unusual Uses for Mozart

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In celebration of Mozart's 255th Birthday, WQXR is playing his music all day today. Little did Mozart know how popular his music would be over two centuries later -- or how it would be used beyond the concert hall, from sewage treatment to egg production. To tell us more, Jeff Spurgeon spoke with Jeremy Pound, the deputy editor at BBC Music Magazine. He recently wrote an article titled “15 Unusual Uses for Mozart.”

Jeremy Pound's 15 Unusual Uses for Mozart

  1. More alcoholic wine
  2. Less alcoholic students
  3. Clearer water
  4. More plentiful milk
  5. Eggier eggs
  6. Calmer dogs
  7. Friskier sharks
  8. Smarter rodents
  9. Sportier athletes
  10. Fewer yobs (hooligans)
  11. Quicker growing babies
  12. Quicker growing fish
  13. Tastier ham
  14. More breakdownable sewage
  15. Gigglier biologists