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WQXR Presents Spring for Music Concerts in 3D

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For our live audio streams of Carnegie Hall’s Spring for Music concerts running Friday, May 6 through Thursday, May 14, WQXR is working in collaboration with the consulting, design and engineering firm Arup to bring innovative 3D sound live to the audience.

Working closely with the WQXR broadcast engineers, the Arup acoustics team – which has worked with artists including Nick Cave and Lou Reed – will add a special 3D microphone to the usual array of microphones WQXR uses for its live broadcasts and audio webcasts. Using a range of proprietary software, Arup will combine the sounds from all of the microphones in real time, creating an auditory environment that recreates the acoustics inside Carnegie Hall.

The 3D experience of the Spring for Music concerts will be available exclusively to the audience listening to the live 3D stream at using headphones (a "special" tab will be added to the audio player). The site will also provide a live web chat during each of the seven concerts, allowing listeners to comment on what they’re hearing in the performances in real time.

Try to hear the difference for yourself. Plug in some headphones and compare these clips from the Toledo Symphony Orchestra's performance of Every Good Boy Deserves Favor by Andre Previn and Tom Stoppard at Spring for Music.

3D binaural mix

Regular broadcast mix

The international design/engineering firm Arup regularly works on producing 3D sound environments, not only for the entertainment industry but also schools and research facilities. More information is available on their web site.