WQXR's Bob Sherman Judges Chopin Competition

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Frederic Chopin Frederic Chopin (paukrus/flickr)

WQXR’s Bob Sherman is in Florida this week, listening very closely to music by the Polish composer and pianist Frédéric Chopin.

Sherman is a member of the jury at the Eighth National Chopin Piano Competition of the U.S.

WQXR's Jeff Spurgeon talked to Bob Sherman this morning about how the competition works, what the entrants have to be prepared for, and what makes a great Chopin performance.

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Comments [5]

Dick Goewey from New Jersey

Re the new qxr, because the previous forward programing no longer exists, I sadly seldom listen to the station today for the same reason that one would not go to a concert hall without knowing the program. I used to carry the progam list in my pocket and arrange my time when possible to hear a desired performance. I inquired as to why it is not available and was told the new situation does not allow it. I cannot be alone in this frustration.

May. 22 2010 09:53 PM
Jim McGuire

Hi Jeff,

Nice to hear you on a Saturday morning. Can't make up your mind about eggs. No eggs at all. It will be Ham, of course!

Mar. 27 2010 09:12 AM
Daniel Freeman from New York City

WQXR's failure to keep David Dubal on the station with his great program "The Piano in Comparative Performance" says all there is about the WNYC management's regard for piano and artistic integrity. I've always liked Robert Sherman as a dedicated promoter of classical music--not very deep-- but to paraphrase the political pundits, "He's no Dubal". On top of that, the programming on the "new" 'qxr reflects the same old routinism. If it's Bach being played, chances are its of of the orchestral suites or the violin concertos. If it's a canata or excerpt thereof, it's "Wachet Auf". You'd nover know that J.S. wrote over 200 cantatas. And how many times are we going (still) to hear Bizet's L'Arleslesienne suites? I suppose now, that I'm "off-topic". I Continue nonetheless: to say WQXR is "non-commercial" is ridiculous. It's simply that the commercials are a little shorter and in the WNYC form. Yet it seems that they are abolutely required after each selection is finished. The one saving grace is that they are given a rest on "overnight music".

Feb. 25 2010 02:17 AM
Michael Meltzer

1. On the Home Page (not on this page), you have a typo in the headline, which reads "WQXR's" Bob Sherman Judges Judges Chopin Competition."
2. "Join the Discussion" has evaporated again.
3. When you have made the necessary corrections, it would be appropriate to erase this comment.

Feb. 24 2010 07:14 PM
Michael Meltzer

Reading the jury roster, it begins with Agustin Anievas, whose legendary Rachmaninoff recordings WQXR's younger listeners would not know, and ends with Juana Zayas, of whom Harold Schonberg said that she had made the best recording of the Chopin Etudes of the 20th century.
If you are a young pianist, there is such a thing as required listening. David Dubal knew what that was, Robert Sherman certainly knows, but the WQXR piano menu, such as it is now, has much catching up to do. Start with the two on this jury.

Feb. 24 2010 01:13 PM

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