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Bloomberg Appoints New City Commissioners

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Bloomberg names a City Hall aide to take Department of Environmental Protection post and juvenile justice advocate to be Probation Commissioner.

Caswell Holloway will become the new commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection. The New York Times reports Holloway had served as chief of staff to Deputy Mayor Edward Skyler. He'll oversee a $1 billion budget, and is charged with regulating the city's air and water quality. The Department of Environmental Protection also operates the city's water supply system, processes wastewater and enforces compliance in disposal of hazardous materials.

The mayor also named Vincent Schiraldi the city's new Commissioner of the Department of Probation. He previously led Washington D.C.'s Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services.

The NYT reports Bloomberg told Schiraldi he expects lower recidivism rates, and wants water rates to go down under Holloway. In his recent re-election campaign, Bloomberg had promised to replace a number of his commissioners. The posts he filled today had been empty.