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Stringin' and Croonin'

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Recorded at (Le) Poisson Rouge on June 12, this show features Brooklyn Rider opening for singer/songwriter Christina Courtin. It's an artistic friendship that began over a decade ago when the musicians met at The Juilliard School. While taking cues from their classical training, these artists have broken down the conventional walls of a music conservatory and are comfortable playing anything from Philip Glass's string quartets to playing backup on Nashville-inspired tunes.

Brooklyn Rider opens this concert with a performance of Astor Piazolla's Four for Tango, a piece which draws less from the sultry side of the dance and more from the passionate and dramatic elements. The foursome follow up with Glass's Bent, an eight-movement film score of which Brooklyn Rider gave the recorded premiere on their album of the complete Glass string quartets.

Juilliard-trained musician Christina Courtin lives a kind of double life; sometimes she takes the stage as a singer, showcasing her vocal talents and original songs. Other times she performs as a violinist for the likes of Osvaldo Golijov and The Knights, a chamber orchestra led by the Jacobsen brothers of Brooklyn Rider.

In this (Le) Poisson Rouge show, Courtin performs a twelve-song set which includes February and Rainy, both tunes from her self-titled Nonesuch album released in 2010. Though almost the entire set is penned by Courtin, she can't resist throwing in Let My Love Open the Door, a tune by her idol, Pete Townsend. She is joined on stage by Ryan Scott on guitar, Robin MacMillan on drums, Jacob Silver on bass, Pete Rende on keys and accordion, and last but certainly not least, Brooklyn Rider playing string arrangements by Courtin herself.

(Le) Poisson Rouge’s Technical Director is Richie Clarke and this concert was mixed by Damon Whittemore for Q2.


Brooklyn Rider's Set

Christina Courtin's Set

All You Had To Do Was Ask
Landslide Dive
Join Us Jackson
Let My Love Open The Door
Happy Days