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Primal Counterpoint

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Rhythm is often experienced in a very primal way, and perhaps it is because of its organic presence within our own existence. It may first go unnoticed, yet underneath the deafening chaos of life, one cannot help but notice the soft, undying murmur of a certain pulse, carrying on like an agent of order. This week's Cued Up orbits around the rhythms of composers Andy Akiho, John Adams, Daniel Wohl, Julian Day and Filippo Perocco.

In music, the concept of tension and release is all about timing. Sensitive to its primitive nature and potent effect, composers obsessively experiment with rhythm both on the micro- and macrocosmic levels, in order to generate tension and release within their works. Hence one encounters many instances in contemporary music where rhythm is employed not just as an order-inducing ingredient, but also as a way to introduce chaos.

Tune in Sunday at 2 p.m. as we bring you music by some of today’s composers who experiment with rhythms in imaginative and intriguing ways. We encounter ongoing and evolving rhythmic ostinati that shape the structure of a piece over time, as well as instances of extreme tension through a counterpoint of rhythms.