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Cuomo Appoints Counsel for Paterson Inquiry

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New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has appointed an independent counsel to take over investigations into allegations of abuse of power and ethics violations by Governor Paterson and his administration.

Cuomo says former state chief judge Judith Kaye will lead the inquiry. She'll also look into whether Governor Paterson lied under oath to an ethics panel about getting free tickets to a Yankees World Series game. Cuomo says Kaye is taking on the role pro bono.

Cuomo, who's expected to run for governor, has been under increasing pressure to step aside. He says he did not have a conflict of interest in the investigations, but he wants to hold his office to a high standard.

"Even the appearance of a conflict, even the appearance of a political interest can be damaging," Cuomo says.

The attorney general's office has been investigating the administration for nearly two weeks.