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City Awards $657 Million to WTC Workers

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A settlement has finally been reached in a long court battle between the City of New York and workers who claim they became ill from dust at Ground Zero.

The city has agreed to as much as $657 million dollars in pay-outs to rescue-and-response personnel who worked at the site after the 9-11 attacks.

The deal would make the city and other companies represented by the WTC Captive Insurance Company liable for a minimum of $575 million dollars with more money available to the sick if certain conditions are met. Most of the money would come out of a $1 billion grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

WTC Captive Insurance Company CEO Christine La Sala says provisions have also been made for those who are not yet sick but may fall ill later. "There is the possibility of future plaintiffs...and there are additional resources in this company available in the event of those circumstances."

The deal still must be approved by at least 95 percent of the plaintiffs.