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MATA Festival: Closing Night

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This Sunday at 2 p.m. Cued Up presents the last concert of the 2011 MATA Festival - a festival that held three evenings of adventurous music by a bevy of youthful voices this past May. Its closing night offers an eclecticism that spans wild, modernist expression to total no-brow reconciliations of backpack hip-hop and European art-song. Navigating these waves of uninhibited creativity, Metropolis Ensemble performs the world premieres of Ryan Carter's Skeumorphic Tendencies and Brad Balliett and Elliot Cole's The Rake; and the U.S. premieres of Marko Nikodijevic's Music Box and Remmy Canedo's Instantanea 6.

One of the fun things to watch out for in the festival is how the programming always seems to bring together two threads in contemporary composition: the work that still sounds like classical music but is looking upward and onward in its performance practice, or spirit, and the work that only champions the forms of classical music, but whose building blocks and textures borrow from totally different idioms.

If you've missed the first two of the three MATA Festival evenings, please enjoy on-demand streaming of MATA's Opening Night and Part II at your convenience.