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Facts and Fables

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This week’s Cued Up revolves around fables and tales. Whether fictional or factual, these stories have stayed with us through years and across cultures. Dozens of these stories have come to define our persona, culture, and perhaps even our race.

Tune in this Sunday at 2 pm, as we explore music that embraces our past through the power of folklore, oral histories and defining societal moments. We listen to Achille’s Heel by Colin Jacobsen, a quartet with a double reference to the ancient Greek mythology and the downfall of all that was once robust, as well as to Debussy’s middle name (the piece doesn’t fail to evoke moments of distant familiarity with Debussy’s quartet).

Other works include William Bolcom’s The Serpent’s Kiss, Gavin Bryars’s The Sinking of the Titanic, David Lang's The Little Match Girl Passion, as well as other poignant, referential works.