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MTA Pledges More Security Cameras

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MTA officials say they expect to have 900 more security cameras up and running by June.

Only about half of the 4,000 cameras that have been installed so far are working. That fact is back in the news following the stabbing deaths of two men on the 2 train early Sunday morning. The man believed to have killed them fled through Christopher Street subway stop, which does not have any functioning security cameras.

MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz says the 900 cameras are already installed but need final wiring. The cameras are trained on turnstiles and are intended to prevent fare-jumping.

Another 1100 cameras are part of a more complicated system that will patrol tunnels and other hard-to-reach areas that are considered at risk for terrorism. The MTA fired the contractor responsible for those cameras last year for alleged incompetence. MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz says the authority is working out a software glitch that has kept the equipment from functioning properly. But the MTA doesn't know when those cameras will operate properly.