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Friday, January 06, 2012

WQXR's China in New York festival (Jan. 22-28) will encompass a variety of concert events, on-air features and online specials.

Sunday, January 22 at 3 pm: China in New York in Flushing: Kick-off event at Crossing Art with the Shanghai String Quartet
WQXR kicks off China in New York in the heart of Flushing’s Chinatown at Crossing Art, a gallery representing select Chinese and international contemporary artists.  The Shanghai String Quartet will perform traditional Chinese arrangements alongside works from the Western canon (Crossing Art, 136-17 39th Avenue, Flushing, Queens).

Monday, January 23 at 6 pm: Chinese New Year with Lang Lang and the Quintessenso Choir
In a preview to their New York Philharmonic concert the next night, superstar pianist Lang Lang and Quintessenso, a children’s choir from Mongolia, will perform traditional songs and Chinese New Year favorites. The event will be hosted by David Garland, broadcast live over WQXR and video webcast live (The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space).

Tuesday, January 24, 7:30 pm: Live broadcast of the New York Philharmonic Chinese New Year concert
Ring in the Year of the Dragon with the New York Philharmonic! WQXR will broadcast the New York Philharmonic Chinese New Year concert featuring Lang Lang, the Quintessenso Choir, oboe soloist Liang Wang, and conductor Long Yu on Tuesday, January 24 at 7:30pm. This live broadcast hosted by WQXR’s Midge Woolsey from Avery Fisher Hall will include traditional Chinese pieces and Liszt’s bravura first piano concerto.

Friday, January 27 at 7 pm: Written on the Wind: New Music from China and New York
Composer Huang Ruo draws equal inspiration from Chinese folk, Western avant-garde, and rock and jazz and has been called “one of the most intriguing of the new crop of Asian-American composers” by The New Yorker. Ruo will join WQXR host David Garland to curate an evening of new music from Chinese and Chinese-American composers that explores notions of place and tradition.  The program includes music by New York composer/performers Ruo and Min Xiao-Fen; Chen Xing-Ruo from Beijing; and Shen Ye from Shanghai, all performed on traditional Chinese and Western instruments.  The event will be broadcast live on 105.9 FM WQXR, streamed at Q2 Music, and available as a live video webcast at

On Air

Throughout the week, WQXR will feature seven musicians who have played a major role in the rise of classical music in China and are embraced in New York musical circles: pianist Lang Lang, conductor Long Yu, bass-baritone Shenyang, New York Philharmonic principal soloist Liang Wang, and composers Chen Yi and Huang Ruo. In an in-depth musical portrait hosted by David Garland, each artist will tell his or her own story, citing important influences along the way.

Q2 Music

Q2 Music, WQXR’s online station devoted to music of living composers, will offer insight into the sounds of contemporary Chinese music as filtered through a New York perspective.  Every weekday at noon, Huang Ruo will conduct a one-on-one interview with various Chinese-born composers who have resided in the United States and impacted the New York arts scene.  Composers such as Zhou Long, Du Yun, Lei Liang, Min Xiao-Fen, and Chou Wen-chung will discuss their aesthetic and musical journeys. 

In addition, Q2 Music will showcase the diverse and dynamic historical arc of the Chinese musical landscape during two 24-hour marathons.  On Wednesday, January 25 and Saturday, January 28, the online station will stream traditional Chinese music and music by contemporary composers born in China. Full Q2 Music schedule. will offer an array of features, including Café Concert videos of bass-baritone Shenyang – discovered in China by Renee Fleming – and the Beijing Guitar Duo; an intimate video of eminent Chinese composer Chou Wen-chung in his West Village apartment, bequeathed to him by mentor Edgard Varèse; “Top 5 at 105” video features that include Lang Lang’s top five favorite Liszt pieces and Huang Ruo’s top five favorite Chinese folk songs; a Conducting Business podcast looking at the growth of classical music in China and the challenges it faces there; a report on the growth of China’s piano manufacturing business; a feature on Chinatowns in New York, focusing on both Manhattan and Flushing; and a slideshow and report on new developments in concert hall construction in China.

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Robert from NYC

Len is right!
Copyright violation is a real problem.
Plus, the Chinese want to destroy us! (Let's not even get into the Muslim plot to take over the world!) Don't trifle with my truffles! Mon Dieu!

Good thing Americans don't pollute!
And the Eyetalians!! Fuggedaboudit !! You can't go anywhere in NYC without seeing a pizza joint on every other corner! They want to cover the whole world in tomato sauce!! Bologni!

Jan. 30 2012 04:24 PM
Haiyan from CHINA

Hi,i'm a dj from chinese music radio station and i use iphone to listen WQXR very often.yesterday i heard you play Morzart brithday special,and the dj said that Morzart was born in the year of chinese year of dragon,but i checked it out 1756 was not,as a matter of fact,it's a year of rat.
love WQXR,and i hope that your station could present more chinese music and our amzing tradional culture to the world,if you need any chinese culture stuff,i am here for you.
happy 2012.
DJ Haiyan

Jan. 28 2012 10:48 PM
len from BROOKLYN NY

China in NY is on every street corner,in every shopping mall etc. You can't eat a slice of pizza without a chinese person shoving bootleg dvds of current movies in your face.The Chinese are out to get us- they are destroying the music business,based on proprietary rights and want to destroy all kinds of things,too. 60 Minutes showed how the chinese are after french truffles, a cornerstone of french cuisine with their tasteless imitations,in cans, at junk food prices.

this is a society on the prowl for whatever they can confiscate,buy up or destroy.Inviting them in is like asking the wolf to dinner,and then YOU are the dinner. why should we honor them when they dishonor all that has taken civilization centuries to create,just so they can suck up the whole of western civilization. They contribute nothing to the world that is not already present. they are polluting the earth with coal,and buying as much oil as they can.
they are determined to make us dance to their tune. LET'S WAKE UP

Jan. 22 2012 05:36 AM

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