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Audio Slideshow: China's New Concert Halls

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In the last two decades, China has seen the greatest period of urban growth in human history. The construction boom in its cities includes the creation of many lavish new concert halls. But with great ambitions come growing pains; show-stopping designs and massive lobbies are at times met with shortcomings in acoustics and inconsistent building standards.

Architectural historian Victoria Newhouse spent time touring China's "grand theaters" as she researched her forthcoming book, Site and Sound: The Architecture and Acoustics of New Opera Houses and Concert Halls. Newhouse spoke with Jeff Spurgeon about some of the more noteworthy facilities. Find out more in the audio slideshow below.


Slideshow produced by Brian Wise, with Jeff Spurgeon interviewing Victoria Newhouse. Images drawn from Site and Sound by Ms. Newhouse.

Listen: Newhouse on why China is building so many concert halls:

Listen: On the different standards for acoustics in Chinese halls: