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Sunday, February 26, 2012

As Q2 Music prepares to go all-American Mavericks all the time next month, we've been doing a lot of listening to Varèse, Copland, Harrison, Cage, Monk and more. But while we've been excited to see the return of a concert series given in 2000 by Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony, we can't help but think of the new mavericks.

So taking as a springboard the styles of our 20th-century Mavericks, we're looking today at in-concert recordings from composers who in this century challenge and redefine the way music is created and consumed.

There are nods to the greats of the past (such as Sergei Prokofiev's grandson, Gabriel Prokofiev), but the present has a mightily different face. We'll hear from Missy Mazzoli's rockstar quintet Victoire live at Chelesea's Look and Listen Festival, blending the lines between rock and classical (we'll hear more to that end with music from Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood). And we'll hit up the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center for a trio by juggernaut composer Kevin Puts.

There will also be hints of social consciousness in by the NOW Ensemble of Judd Greenstein's Change and Ensemble 212 of Tahrir by Mohammed Fairouz, and selections from concert series like the Ecstatic Music Festival and SONiC. All told, various threads of the contemporary zeitgeist will weave together in two hours of musical bliss.

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Olivia Giovetti

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OMG!! Steve Rowland!! How are you? I hope that you see this, since these guys do not have a reply utility. I saw your reply because I have an RSS feed for the Comments pages. It is great to see you at Q2. And, how could I forget you and your work? You changed my life, especially in the world of Jazz, and especially the MDD Radio Project. From that project I went on to learn about not only MDD, but the other players in both of his groups. I know that you were speaking to me about the Shakespeare project when we were active together. Best of luck on that.

Anyone out there who really wants to learn about Jazz starting with two giants, visit Steve's stuff at artistowned-dot-com. Buy the .mp3 files. I listened to each one over and over, and always learned something new.

And, hey, the Bernstein project is a great thing in its own right, especially if you have seen the PBS project "Leonard Bernstein: Reaching For the Note". I am a huge fan of his music and his history. PBS also did a piece on Von Karajan. While there is no Von Karajan in the Bernstein video, Lenny takes up about twenty minutes of the Von Karajan video.

Steve- thanks again for coming to Q2. BTW, I have a music blog, musicsprings-dot-wordpress-dot-com. It is based in living composers, orchestral and Jazz, lots of stuff from Q2, plus I follow six labels for new releases. I do not write, but I do not aggregate. I "spread the news".

Mar. 03 2012 06:27 PM
Steve Rowland from Seattle & Phillafelphia

Thanks to Richard for always thinking of me and keeping those documentaries in mind.
I'm still out here struggling to create new work. Next will be a massive project on Shakespeare- in the here and now - I am meeting and interviewing extraordinary people whose lives are touched and changed by their relationships to the works.
Finding completion funds, as always, is the main problem. For a short taste if interviews go to

Mar. 03 2012 11:10 AM

Taking this spot to make some comments.

I had a "driveway moment" right here on Q2 listening to Nadia and David Garland.

First, the American Mavericks Radio project from A.P.M. via Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) was 13 weeks of bliss when it ran at WNYC. 4:00PM Sunday was for a while a "destination" at WNYC. We had this project, we had Steve Rowland's projects "Tell Me How Long 'Trane's Been Gone", the "Miles Davis Radio Project", and "Leonard Bernstein: An American Life".

The American Mavericks project's 13 radio programs should be put on the air or streamed. They were about much more than the "mavericks". They comprised a veritable history of American music. There was and still is a web site. I have mentioned it here often. There are about 70 audio interviews and also some text interviews. The audio is still there; but one needs some archaic version of RealPlayer to get them to run. There are Kyle Gann's wonderful essays introducing the programs. The programs were narrated by Suzanne Vega, with M.T.T.

MPR is doing nothing with this material. Most of the audio has been taken down. I asked for permission to disseminate the material on my MusicSprings blog, they declined.

Me? I have everything. I recorded the programs, I recorded all of the interviews, I copied out all of the essays and text interviews. I built up a book, 550 pages, of the textual material for reading on airplanes, at the dentist, whatever. And, I "met" Phil Blackburn of Innova, who was involved in some of the interviews.

I hope that Q2 can get permission to run the radio programs.

Last, it is time for Q2 to stand on its own as a constituent member of New York Public Radio, To be a fourth piece on that NYPR icon.

Mar. 02 2012 02:30 PM

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