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Operavore Celebrates Rossini's Leap Year Birthday

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Today, our Operavore special stream is celebrating the 53rd leap-year birthday of Gioachino Rossini, born Feb. 29, 1792.

Throughout the day, Operavore will feature Rossini’s well-known and beloved overtures from the operas William Tell, Barber of Seville, La Cenerentola, La gazza ladra and Semiramide, among others, as well as the arias “No piu mesta,” “Una voce poco fa,” and, of course, “Largo al factotum,” plus many more.

Now, as the Gregorian calendar sticklers out there will remind you, this is, in fact, Rossini’s 53rd and not 55th birthday. A leap year occurs every year that is exactly divisible by four, except that years ending in ’00 are leap years only if they are exactly divisible by 400. So, there were no Rossini birthday candles to blow out in 1800 or 1900.