Julia Holter: Music to Hear Now

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For Mixtapes, we ask today's leading musicians, authors, filmmakers and artists to assemble an hour of new-music that they find particularly compelling or that exemplifies the shifting boundaries of today's musical climate. Today's mixtape comes courtesy of Los Angeles-based experimental singer/songwriter Julia Holter, whose recent album Ekstasis is itself as much "new music" as it is "indie rock."

"Music to Hear Now. About this mix: "Only the pure in heart can make a good soup." - Ludwig van Beethoven" - Julia Holter


Olivia Block - Heave To (Part 1) (Heave To, Sedimental, 2006)
Tashi Wada - Gradient (Gradient 7", De Stijl, 2012)
Laura Steenberge - 2 Voices 1 
Mark So - A Book of Palms, 5 ii 2010 (Pages 1-3)
Catherine Lamb - Tone / Noise (Periphery, Engraved Glass, 2012) 
Martes Martes - Symphony No. 3 (Rock of Animals, Sleepy Mammal Sound, 2011)
Laura Steenberge - 2 Voices 2
Taylan Susam - Nocturnes
Tashi Wada - Gradient (Gradient 7", De Stijl, 2012)

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