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DiNapoli Targets Medicaid Waste

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State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli says auditors in his office found the state has lost $92 million in Medicaid billing errors and waste.

DiNapoli is urging the state's Health Department to make changes in its billing and spending practices to avoid misuse of public funds. DiNapoli says the Medicaid system is in desperate need of reform.

"More needs to be done now," DiNapoli says. "We're at this time of great crisis, great challenge. Any waste of millions of dollars is not acceptable."

DiNapoli says in the biggest instance of waste, the state health department improperly paid more than $53 million for recipients who had multiple Medicaid ID numbers. The health department has not responded to a call for comment.

DiNapoli says he referred the problems to the office of the state's Medicaid inspector general.