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Randall's Island Deal Heads To City Council

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A state judge has ordered the Bloomberg administration to bring an agreement involving Randall's Island to the City Council for a vote.

It's the second time community and parent groups won their case against a Parks Department deal that allows private schools to pay for preferential use of some ball fields. In a statement, the Bloomberg Administration says all legal options are being considered.

The New York Times reports a coalition of public school parents and students, community groups and park advocates had sued the city, arguing that allowing the private schools, which include Buckley, Chapin and Dalton, to pay $45 million to use some of the fields would turn public parkland into a private domain.

In the decision, released on Tuesday, the justice, Marilyn Shafer, rejected a revised deal between the city and the private schools, saying the city sought to “flout and undermine the purpose” of the land use review process and avoid the required community input.