Todd Reynolds: Cat-skinning. 13 Ways.

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For Mixtapes, we ask today's leading musicians, authors, filmmakers and artists to assemble an hour of new-music that they find particularly compelling or that exemplifies the shifting boundaries of today's musical climate. Today's mixtape comes courtesy of electroacoustic violinist, composer and innovator Todd Reynolds.

"Cat-skinning. 13 Ways. I gave up on defining 'classical music' long ago, yet there is something about a classical aesthetic that one can just sense in an artist. Of course what that thing actually 'is' - well I've long since given up trying to qualify that as well. Represented here are artists, some of whom are our most venerable, who inspire in a particular way with their performance and composition intertwined and inseparable in their work, each with a deeply personal sound and expression." -Todd Reynolds


Paul de Jong - Purpose of Life (unpublished)
Michael Lowenstern - My Mouth (from Spin Cycle)
Amy X Neuburg - My God (from Residue)
Meredith Monk - Double Fiesta (from Do You Be)
Graham Reynolds - Cam Stack and Crank Handle (Graham Reynolds Remix) (from The Difference Engine)
Paul de Jong - Pain Song  (unpublished)
Florent Ghys - Pull Blanc, Chemise Rouge (from Baroque Tardif)
Sxip Shirey - Caterpillar Crawls Through Chinatown (available on Bandcamp)
Corey Dargel - Hurry Up and Settle Down (from Other People's Love Songs)
Pamela Z - Questions (from A Delay is Better)
Pauline Oliveros - A Woman Sees How the World Goes with No Eyes (from Crone Music)
Matt Marks - I Don't Have Any Fun (from Little Death, Vol. 1)
Owen Pallett - Lewis Takes off his Shirt (from Heartland)