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Crime Drops to Record Lows in NYC

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With just a few days to go, 2009 is on pace to be New York City's safest - at least since 1962 when the city started keeping reliable records.

Overall, crime has dropped 11 percent from last year. Mayor Bloomberg says since 2002 the number of rapes is down 38 percent and robbery is down 34 percent.

The city's also set to have the lowest number of murders ever. As of yesterday, there were 461 murders in the city this year.  The previous low was 496 in 2007.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg hailed the new numbers at an induction ceremony for new police recruits on Monday.

"Before 2002, the city hadn't recorded fewer than 600 murders a year since the early 1960s when they started keeping murders in the current basis. And now, we'll have done that 8 years in a row," the mayor said.

While serious crime remains low, misdemeanor charges in New York City rose 7 percent in 2009. Lesser violations were up 18 percent.