Poll: Should Opera Singers Bare All?

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A performance that includes nudity can still stir up controversy. That may be especially the case in opera, where audiences often have very specific expectations about what a production should and shouldn't include. And as the old saying about the fat lady singing suggests, not every opera singer can impress in his or her birthday suit.

This week, Operavore blogger Fred Plotkin looked at nude awakening among some opera companies, asking what's gratuitous, what's dramatically appropriate, and how singers practice their craft in the buff.

The issue recently came into the public sphere as the 2012 Munich Opera Festival opened in Germany. The photographer Spencer Tunick staged an outdoor re-creation of scenes from Wagner’s Ring cycle involving more than 1,000 naked volunteers. They arranged themselves in various configurations that were intended to be Tunick's visual interpretations of scenes from the Ring.

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