Nine Operatic Tweeters to Follow

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Social media trends come and go (remember Friendster?), but Twitter remains a stalwart presence.

Perhaps it's due in part to the fact that it's a great equalizer—no matter how famous you are, you still have 140 characters per tweet—and that, in spite of its limitations, the novelty never seems to wear off. Or perhaps it's more of a catch-22: Twitter is popular because people use it and people use it because it's so popular.

Certain people, like Mindy Kaling who is Fast Company's September (and social media issue) cover girl for her best tweeting practices, are undeniably one of the reasons most of us keep refreshing our feeds.

So with that in mind, we take a look at some of opera's best tweeters. From singers to composer-conductors to companies, we give you eight of our favorite feeds, plus one account whose owner isn't living but whose tweets are nonetheless lively. And in the spirit of the medium, we're telling you why we love them in 140 characters or less.

Deborah Voigt (@debvoigt)
Brünnhilde with a Blackberry, Deborah Voigt offers up plenty of musical musings but is also great at connecting with her fans and followers.
Sweet Tweet:
Am I trying to save Sieglinde, being awakened, or immolating myself? Confused #rehearsingRing

Thomas Hampson (@thomas_hampson)
Noted for his manifold interests that go beyond singing, Hampson’s Twitter offers an intriguing look at the singer’s always-turning gears.
Sweet Tweet:
We don't present our voices to the audience, we resonate our souls.

Esa-Pekka Salonen (@esapekkasalonen)
Despite serious, searing performances like From the House of the Dead, composer-conductor Salonen isn’t short on humor in his Twitter feed.
Sweet Tweet (on being an Olympic torch bearer):
At last something Otto Klemperer wouldn't have been able to do better. Perhaps. My only gripe: Joanna Lumley was not in my group.

Measha Brueggergosman (@MeashaBG)
The Canadian soprano’s energy shines through 140 characters at a time, and has become even more engaging as she chronicles her pregnancy.
Sweet Tweet:
Since they both sell'm at their checkouts, I think @CanadianTire & @IKEACanada shud hava #MeatballCompetition.It wud obviously b SuddenDeath.

Joyce DiDonato (@JoyceDiDonato)
Famous for her down-to-earth blog, Joyce DiDonato quickly became a Twitter natural with warm and witty observations from the road.
Sweet Tweet:
Day 24 of room service. Really missing my juicer!

Stephen Costello (@CostelloTenor)
As fastidious and egocentric as the stereotypical tenor is painted, Costello’s tweets on life, the universe and everything are anything but.
Sweet Tweet:
Why do I feel like my zipper is down when I go on stage? The things that leave me puzzled.

Los Angeles Opera (@LAOpera)
Just because you're an institution on Twitter doesn't mean you can't have a personal touch, as LA Opera proves with its audience engagement.
Sweet Tweet:
"Bi-cycle, bi-cycle, by-cycle..." RT @catelouie: In my head I sang Queen's "Bicycle" when the two singers came out riding bikes. #LAOBoheme

San Diego Opera (@_SanDiegoOpera)
Those Californian companies know their digital media. San Diego looks beyond its location, however, to curate a wider dialogue on opera.
Sweet Tweet: Does listening to music make you more productive? Yes! Now off to stare blindly into space while we listen to an opera....

Cosima Wagner (@CosimaWagner)
Okay, so this isn’t a performer or an opera company—or even a living person. But the first lady of Bayreuth is still presciently tweetable.
Sweet Tweet:
R says, "I shall always keep a child with scarlet fever on hand, so people will stay away from our house."