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Debussy and the Piano: Part II

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In this, the second of five installments of WQXR's special series, "Debussy and the Piano," David Dubal explores Debussy’s piano music that deals with pictures of the natural world, and also reveals how Debussy was a man of difficult ways.

Debussy and the Piano, Part II - Playlist

1) Debussy, Claude: Preludes, Book 2/4: “Les fees sont d’exquises danseuses”
Michel Béroff, piano

2) Debussy, Claude: Etudes, Book 2, Pour les degrees Chromatiques
Mitsuko Uchida, piano

3) Debussy, Claude: Valse Romantique
Walter Gieseking, piano

4) Debussy, Claude: Preludes, Book 2/3: “La Puerta del vino”
Jacques Rouvier, piano

5) Debussy, Claude: Preludes: Book 1: “La cathedrale engloutie” (The sunken cathedral)
Robert Casadesus, piano

6) Debussy, Claude: Preludes: Book 1/1: “Danseuses de delphes” (Delphic Dancers)
Krystian Zimerman, piano

7) Debussy, Claude: “Reverie”
Walter Gieseking, piano

8) Debussy, Claude: Preludes, Book 2/8: “Ondine”
Pascal Rogé, piano

9) Debussy, Claude: Preludes, Book 2/8: “Ondine”
Artur Rubinstein, piano

10) Debussy, Claude: “Estampes”: La soiree dans Grenade’ (Evening in Granada)
Alexis Weissenberg, piano

11) Debussy, Claude: Preludes, Book 2/2: “Feuilles mortes” (Dead leaves)
Paul Jacobs, piano

12) Debussy, Claude: “Children’s Corner”: ‘Serenade for the doll’
Vladimir Horowitz, piano