The Bedroom Community of Iceland's Valgeir Sigurðsson

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Composer, producer and founder of Iceland's Bedroom Community record label, Valgeir Sigurðsson has become a lynchpin for the world of blurred boundaries that constitutes Iceland's indie rock, electronica and classical scenes. He's collaborated with Björk, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Sigur Rós among many others, and his most recent release, "Architecture of Loss" is Q2 Music's current Album of the Week.

Sigurðsson writes the following of his playlist:

With the exception of the Reich, Feldman and the Icelandic Jórunn Viðar the music on my playlist here is mostly from the 2000's. Much of it is made by friends, I'm personally responsible for one piece and have had a hand in the works of Daníel Bjarnason, Ben Frost and Nico Muhly who all release their music via Bedroom Community, my label.

This is the music that I constantly have flowing in my system through my work as a producer and the running of the label. The music of David Lang has resonated with me ever since his amazing work was introduced to me by Nico Muhly years ago. Steve Reich, Morton Feldman, Aphex Twin and Pan Sonic have for long been an inspiration in many different ways and Vökuró by Jórunn Viðar is something I can only describe as "Icelandic to the core" — I don't know really how or why — it's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. It's fun to remember that I recorded a version of this song many years ago with Björk for her Medulla album. 

Tim Hecker is a sound manipulator from Montréal and here he's taken the church organ out of the church and probably sold his soul to the devil to make this. Finally, the Jefferson Friedman String Quartet No. 2 is wildly exciting and played so well here by the Chiara Quartet, who I had the pleasure of writing for not so long ago.


Daníel Bjarnason - Bow to String: I. "Sorrow conquers happiness" (from "Processions")
Jefferson Friedman - String Quartet No. 2: 3. Eighth Note = 180 (from "Quartets"/Chiara String Quartet)
Nico Muhly - Drones & Violin: Part I: Material in Eb (Pekka Kuusisto, violin)
David Lang - Child: Sweet Air
Steve Reich - Tehillim: III.
Jórunn Viðar - Vökuró (from "Unglingurinn í Skóginum")
Morton Feldman - Rothko Chapel: 3.
Valgeir Sigurðsson - The Crumbling (from "Architecture of Loss")
Tim Hecker - Hatred of Music II (from "Ravedeath 1972")
Pan Sonic - Arktinen/Arctic (from "Kesto")
Ben Frost & Daníel Bjarnason - Reyja (from "Sólaris")
Aphex Twin - Avril 14th (from "Drukqs")