The Brothers Balliett Stockhausen Spectacular

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Let's be honest here. You have heard a lot of John Cage in the last year. And let's be realistic. You are about to hear a lot of Elliott Carter. We're pumped from the former, and incredibly excited about the latter, but at the same time, we feel that a little bit of variety can really refresh and invigorate the spirit.

That's why we've dedicated this week's show to a fascinating and often-misunderstood figure from late 20th-century music - Karlheinz Stockhausen. Between the classic moment-to-moment drama of Kontakte to the Respect Sextet's industrial jazz realizations of the Zodiac cycle, these selections will put good old Karlheinz in a whole new light.

And who in the world would have guessed that Stockhausen wrote cadenzas for the Haydn Trumpet Concerto?