The Grown Person's Guide to the Orchestra: Strings

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Picking up with Part III of the The Grown Person's Guide to the Orchestra, the Brothers Balliett explore that silky smooth sound of the string section this week. Be prepared for sounds ranging from thorny to sublime, from surprisingly beautiful to technically jaw-dropping.

Representing the violin, we'll hear that pinnacle of savagery and beauty, Anthemes 2 by Pierre Boulez. Nico Muhly's Etude 1A, like the Boulez, uses a solo string with electronics, in this case the viola - and the effect is drastically different! It may already be a classic, but Arnold Schoenberg's neoclassical Cello Concerto is always worth a listen. We're guessing you'll love it. The show wraps up with a movement from Italian double bassist Stefano Scodanibbio's Voyage that Never Ends. Mind blown or triple your money back.

Don't forget to tune in next week for the concluding episode of the Grown Person's Guide: harp, piano, percussion!