Order Never Mattered: Andy Akiho

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The music of composer-percussionist Andy Akiho has been performed by a growing roster of contemporary ensembles, including Eighth Blackbird, Los Angeles Philharmonic and Ethel String Quartet. He was also a featured composer in last month's New York Philharmonic commissioning series, CONTACT!

Andy Akiho writes the following of his Mixtape:

I was going to try to do a mixtape based on a theme, but then I remembered being a kid and innocently compiling real mixed cassette tapes in the '80s before CDs took over. I would take a commercially recorded cassette tape that I was tired of and stick scotch tape over, or insert small pieces of toilet paper in the holes of the top corners. This allowed the tape to be recorded over (instead of getting blank tapes). I would put everything on it that I liked, trying to fit as much as possible on each side. Order never mattered back then.

There is no rhyme or reason to why I chose these pieces except for the fact that I find them compelling. They are all 20th-century works that have definitely influenced me in some way. There are a variety of styles and aesthetics in this mix because I like to listen to all types of music. I tried to fit as much as possible on the “tape”. So many other amazing pieces should be on here too – sixty minutes fills up fast!

In random order because I am so indecisive (order still doesn’t matter).


Claude Debussy: Préludes, Book II: VIII.
John Cage: String Quartet in Four Parts: IV. Quodlibet
Steve Reich: Different Trains: Europe–During the War
Anton Webern: Five Pieces, Op. 10/3: Sehr langsam und ausserst zart
Igor Stravinsky: Les Noces, Premier Tableau: La Tresse
Olivier Messiaen: Quatuor pour la fin du temps: Liturgie de cristal
Morton Feldman: Rothko Chapel 3
Pierre Boulez: Le Marteau sans Maitre: 1. Avant “l’artisanat furieux”
David Lang: Memory Pieces: III. Wed
Radiohead: Idioteque (features a 1973 sample by Paul Lansky)
Jeff Buckley and Gary Lucas: Grace
Béla Bartók: String Quartet No.4: IV. Allegretto pizzicato
György Ligeti: Continuum for Harpsichord
Conlon Nancarrow: Study for Player Piano No. 31
Lord Kitchener: Pan In A Minor (arr. for Amoco Renegades by Jit Samaroo)
Edgard Varèse: Ionisation
Charlie Parker: Scrapple From the Apple
David Bowie: Art Decade (produced by Brian Eno)