Rituals, Memorials and Auras

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This week, the Brothers investigate three interconnected orchestral works, all centered around the idea of a memorial or homage.

Harrison Birtwistle's thorny and dramatic Ritual Fragment re-imagines a lost Stravinsky work in which the instruments of the orchestra each take a characteristic solo to pay homage to a fallen hero. Magnus Lindberg calls for gargantuan orchestral forces in Aura, a work written in memory of one of his own heroes, Witold Lutoslawski. A rich tapestry of textures, tunes, and solos against intense backdrops, Lindberg's piece dazzles, coaxes and screams.

Placing this enormous tombeau in context is Lutoslawski's own Little Suite, an homage to the folk dances he loved in youth -- as well as the classical orchestral literature by Mozart and Haydn. This music will both fright and delight!