In the Hot Zone with Jack Quartet

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JACK Quartet has become a lynchpin of New York City's burgeoning new-music scene. The group is dedicated to the commission and performance of new pieces and have worked with an ever-growing circle of collaborators, including Helmut Lachenmann, György Kurtág, Elliott Sharp and Beat Furrer. For their Mixtape, JACK offers an hour of music by friends, colleagues and their own violinist Christopher Otto.

JACK writes the following of its Mixtape: 


Derek Bermel - Hot Zone (performed by Alarm Will Sound)
Derek Bermel and JACK have been keeping each other quite a bit of company in 2013 playing a new clarinet quintet of his, recording his electric guitar quintet, and, dare we say, exploring our relationships with Brahms! This is an particularly catchy work of Derek's that was recently recorded by our buddies in Alarm Will Sound.

Christopher Otto - Violin Duo (performed by Erik Carlson)
We'd like to take this opportunity to brag all over our fearless violinist, Chris, who is also an outstanding composer. This piece was recently recorded by our good friend Erik Carlson for his new album, "Four Pieces."

Helmut Lachenmann - Zwei Gefühle (performed by Ensemble Signal)
JACK has a long and extremely rewarding relationship with German composer Helmut Lachenmann. It was his third quartet that brought us together, so we fondly like to refer to him as the father, or grandfather, of JACK. We had the great honor of joining him and our good friends in Ensemble Signal in the making of this really-fun-to-make recording. Later this year, we're releasing a recording of his complete quartets!

Michael Nyman - String Quartet No. 2 (performed by Balanescu Quartet)
The Balanescu Quartet's recording of Michael Nyman's first three quartets was recently re-released, and it's been keeping our hearts beating a littler faster. They are all essential listening, and this second one really represents why.