Does 'Moose Murders' Still Hold Up (as One of the Worst Plays Ever)?

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Sometimes we look back on the low moments in our lives and realize, hey, we did learn something from that awful episode; it wasn’t as bad as we remember, after all. Can the perspective afforded us by the passage of time yield the same realization at the theater?

Hey, maybe that horrible show we saw years ago isn’t as bad as we thought back then. In 1983, a play called “Moose Murders” by Arthur Bicknell provoked then-New York Times theater critic Frank Rich to write a legendary column condemning the show to the Inner Circle of Theater Hell. But time has passed. Perhaps Rich was wrong about “Moose Murders.”

A small troupe called Beautiful Soup Theater Collective has remounted (to use a startlingly apropos expression) this infamous theatrical disaster set in a hunting lodge. Charles Isherwood lets us know if time and new attention have given Moose Murders any merit.